Do you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed with life, feeling lost and unable to cope? Have you wondered why you seem to repeat the same old patterns in life and long to make a change but don’t know where to start? Do you have issues with self-esteem and wish you could build confidence in yourself and your abilities? Do you want to change the direction of your life and need a supportive psychotherapist to help you realise your potential? 


Counselling and Psychotherapy can provide you with a safe space to explore your feelings with a non-judgemental, patient, empathic listener and fully trained practitioner. 


What I can help you with— Bereavement, bullying, career change, crisis, breakdown and depression, anxiety, negative thinking, problems of motivation, low self confidence, difficulty making decisions, anger, addiction, emotional abuse, health issues, HIV and advanced HIV, family relationship problems, life changes, identity issues, LGBT issues, sexuality and sexual identity, migration/diaspora issues, retirement, serious illness, self-sabotage, sexual abuse, substance misuse, psychosis. 



Open-ended Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychodynamic Counselling can help you work out solutions to the problems you encounter in your life. The modern world can leave us feeling drained and unsupported, with constant demands leading to stress and mental anguish. It can be helpful to find space for ourselves with an empathic and supportive listener who can help you analyse your place in the world and work out new solutions to old patterns of behaviour. You may wish to know why you behave in a certain way or feel certain things and psychodynamic counselling can help you find your way through your thoughts and feelings to identify your true self. You may feel you have unresolved issues from your past that have long troubled you and need a patient therapist to help you find your way forward.


Brief Psychodynamic Counselling

You may have a particular issue you want to work on at the moment or feel that long term counselling is something you do not want or can ill afford. Brief Psychodynamic Counselling helps find a focus for your current difficulties and resolve those issues as they relate to the past and the present.  


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

CBT is a solution-focused, evidence based treatment for a range of issues and can help you with:

•  Depression

•  Anxiety

•  Social Phobias

•  Panic Attacks

•  OCD/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

•  Assertiveness


A course of CBT is offered for 12 to 15 sessions, depending on your requirement, and offers the client a range of treatment protocols to deal with current difficulties. 


Sessions last 50 minutes, are usually once a week and cost £90. An initial assessment appointment is charged at £70. Arrangements can be made for those on lower incomes. Please contact me for further information. 



What to expect when you contact me? 

Firstly we'll have a brief chat on the phone or by email to discuss your concerns and arrange a time and day for your initial assessment. At this assessment, you will have space to talk about what has brought you to therapy and ask any questions about the process. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe. We will then decide together how long you'd like counselling for and agree a weekly or fortnightly appointment that fits with you.


The Listening Practice is not an emergency service. If you are in crisis right now please contact The Samaritans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 116123 (UK). This number is free to call. If you feel you might harm yourself or others please call 999 and ask for an ambulance.